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Buyer's Remorse about not getting an M3

Hey guys. It's been 1 year since I purchased my 335is and lately I've been having horrible buyer's remorse about not getting this perfect AW E92 M3 that appeared at the dealership the day I came in to finalize a price and sign the paperwork for my 335is. Back then I was certain that the 335is was the perfect car for me, but in hindsight I didn't research the M3 enough to realize it was far superior to justify the extra $$$. I didn't even test drive the M3, I just knew that getting out of my IS350 and into a 335 was all that mattered. The thought of "if only I got the M3" has always lingered in the back of my head, but it only became exaggerated after joining this forum and learning to drive stick on a fun little Boxster S I purchased. Now I keep watching M3 videos on YouTube and it's all that is on my mind.

So now I'm thinking about jumping the gun and getting a 6MT M3 very soon. Don't get me wrong, I really love everything about my 335is sans the lack of an LSD... it's just I feel like there is a reason everyone on this forum agrees that M3 > 335 and it would also be cool to make the transition to the manual side.

What I'd like to ask you guys is, besides the M3 pros listed below, am I gaining enough to make the switch worthwhile? Would it be better to just get an aftermarket LSD and save myself the huge financial humiliation? Where would you place a 335is relative to an M3 if it did have an LSD (i.e. 90% of the car an M3 is)?

335is Pros
-Great MPG (25-30 on highways for me)
-DCT (same as M3, just different software programming)
-Modded Perfectly to my Liking (just needed to add JB4 and M3 Lip Spoiler)
-Amazing Low-End Torque w/ JB4
-Intoxicating Exhaust

M3 Pros
-High Revving Engine
-Limited Slip Differential & Better Gear Ratios
-More Aggressive Styling

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