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I have never been a fan of turbo cars despite the prodigious amounts of torque that can be easily produced. Sure I want a certain absolute amount of speed capability, but my enjoyment of driving truly comes from how my mind and body interface with the car. Does the car, in all its aspects feel wired in to my own nervous system?

There is an inherent disconnect with turbo cars. The output of the motor just isn't totally in sync with what the driver does. It's like watching a movie where the sound is just off ever so slightly from the movement of the actors lips.

The current M3 V8 is so responsive and so linear. The baritone trumpeting of the eight cylinders with their own throttle body is an auditory orgasm for any car enthusiast. It is simply a feast for the senses.

I will always favor the highly tuned NA motor for the more enjoyable subjective driving experience, as well as for the appreciation of the engineering that went into it.
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