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- Do you have any regrets whatsoever, with your color choice? If so, what do you wish you'd done differently?

- Is the LMB easy to care for? I've seen posts that indicate that it shows up swirls fairly easily. Does it compare favorably to caring for, say, black (if you have that experience)? What about white?

I seem to have a little different perspective than most. Le Mans has a tendency to show dirt. It doesn't show as much as the Blacks, but it doesn't look clean for very long. Also, if you breath wrong on the paint, you will get swirls marks. I fashion myself as novice detailer with some pro skills, and the paint is really hard to keep from showing scratches and swirls. Naturally Grays and Whites won't show imperfections as much. I also don't believe Le Mans show the lines of the car as well. That being said, it does go very well with Carbon Fiber parts. Don't get me wrong, I still like the color. If I could do it all over again, I would buy either Mineral White or Space Gray.

- With the LMB exterior, what was your interior color(s) choice, and how do you feel about your decision now, if awhile down the line in your ownership?

I again seem to have another opinion here. Bambo and Silver interiors seem very "old fashioned" to me. I think the only option here is Black.

- What do others think of your color choice? Do you get compliments, etc.? (Shallow, I know, but hey, it matters to me--at least a little... )

The odd thing here is that I have had only a few people say anything about my car. Maybe I'm just not the most approachable person.

Other unsolicited advice:

Do not get a sunroof. The carbon roof is the best part of the car.
Do not get a convertible. The convertible is a pig of a car for girls. (sorry to E93 owners)
Non-powered seats weigh a whole lot less. I haven't missed having them powered.

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