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The article is similar to my experience which is why I've ordered a boxster s. It feels phenomenal behind the wheel. I was debating a 5th e9x m3 and one drive of the boxster made my decision for me. When it comes to equipment, if you get an M3 and boxster similarly equipped, you're within $5k at msrp but you won't have to add a BBK to get decent brakes or do suspension mods. There is a greater spread between msrp and invoice in the boxster s and the M3 and I was able to negotiate 7% off msrp. So by the time you add in the gas guzzler tax on the M3 - the boxster s is cheaper!

You certainly can run up the price of a boxster but you get more technolgy i.e. ceramic brakes, torque vectoring etc and a more options to personalize the look of the car.

Looks to me like porsche has a winner with the new boxster! I just have to wait until the end of January to get mine...

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