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Originally Posted by geneatals View Post
I think a video from inside the cabin is always appreciated, even tho videos rarely ever capture exhaust tones well...
I give my absolute word that the only way you'll even notice that there's an after market exhaust on my car, is with the windows down OR... as I said before if you're cruising in 6th gear at 30 mph, cause if the sound doesn't clue you in then, the resonance as everything inside vibrates will lol

It's entirely calm and collect inside the cabin, I wish you guys were closer I'd have no issues letting you hear it in person

Outside of the car is different. It's loud, not GTM loud, but loud enough for people to notice & at WOT it's screaming. Nothing but compliments and smiles since I got the exhaust. I've heard, "That's the most aggressive sounding Beemer I've ever heard into my life!" to random people giving me a thumbs up and telling me to rev her up. WA state cops suck, and I've NEVER been bothered by them even once. Drive casually, it'll sound a lil more aggressive then stock, drive balls to the wall, you'll attract attention.

The other video has a small scene of driving w/ windows down, but I'll ask to borrow my friends gopro and make a dedicated cabin vid, with windows up and down.
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