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A desperate 335i owner seeks a Londoners help!

Hey guys

I posted this on e90post but still seeking a resolution...

I recently went heart-over-head and won an ebay auction for a complete e92 M3 rear subframe. Unfortunately I live in Northern Ireland and the seller is in Dagenham in Essex.

The issue is that he is unwilling to wait around for a courier to pick it up (fair enough) but this leaves me needing a middle man who could pick up the part for me and be willing to be available for a courier.

Id be happy to send some cash their direction, or since I only need the diff and 2 side shafts, the helper could take their pick of all the other pieces included (arms, brakes etc) as recompense.

Kind of a desperate plea, but running low on options, and just cant make it over myself.

Even if someone knows a company that could pick up the part at a specific time probably outside normal 9-5 hours and hold it for courier to get it over here to me?