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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Here is some weight info/discussion:

"Despite the weight-saving roof structure, the fact the compact new V8 actually weighs 15kg less than the current M3's inline six and that in base 323i guise (1405kg) the E92 coupe sheds a further 15kg (over its direct E46 predecessor, the 320Ci), it's dissapointing to see the M3's overall weight increase - particularly after so much talk of weight-saving and BMW's latest "EfficientDynamics" mantra.

For the record, the new M3's unladen EU weight (including 68kg for driver, 7kg for luggage and a 90 per cent full fuel tank) rises a considerable 85kg - from 1570kg to 1655kg. BMW Australia quotes kerb weights of 1495kg (E46 M3) and 1580kg (E92 M3) respectively.

BMW says the extra weight is the result of the bigger two-door body, extra equipment and superior crashworthiness but points out it is still 100kg lighter than its most direct rival in the Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG coupe (1755kg).

However, the model that has established Audi as a serious player in the compact performance car stakes in recent times, the wild RS4 sedan (also available in Avant and Cabriolet bodystyles), weighs 5kg less at 1650kg, packs a larger 4.2-litre V8 with the same 309kW and even more torque (430Nm) and comes standard with all-wheel drive."

RS4's weight do not include 68kg for driver, 7kg for luggage but include 90 per cent full fuel tank.

M3(1580kg) is 70kg lighter than RS4(1650).
or M3(1655kg) v.s RS4(1725kg) These number is in BMW official press.
I am sure that these number is correct.

E92 M3's weight is 1580kg in Australia M3's press . 85KG(188lb) heavier than E46 M3.

Sorry my bad English.