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Originally Posted by eclipsisNA View Post
88-92 microns is really low to begin with; I've actually never seen an E9* M3 w/ that low of a clear coat depth. Every single M3 I've worked on is around 120-130 microns across the entire car, w/ 100 being the lowest in some spots. What type of paint depth gauge was he using and was it calibrated properly?

Removing orange peel is worth it if done properly. My previous car after wet sanding:
It was a small meter that would only work on metal. He has another meter that he said was being recalibrated and he would check the CF roof when he had it back.

I've seen those pics before, beautiful car. I also like the plate. I must be a better driver because I'm averaging 10 mpg, lol.

At present the plan is to buff it and get the swirls out and then seal it and wax it. His guess to wet sand the entire car was at least $1000 extra. While I do okay financially, there are other things I could spend that money on and if it wouldn't make a huge difference once a person is 10 ft away then I can let it go, for now. I should probably add that I have every intent of tracking this car.

I will say, outside it's not that noticeable unless the sun hits it just right. In his shop it made an actual orange rind look smooth and he said it's one of the worst he's seen (bearing in mind most of his work is on Ferraris).