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Originally Posted by iDontAlwaysDrink
Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
This may be true. But if it was an issue, it should be resolved at tech regardless of anything you sign when you register for the event. Obviously it's really not an issue.
Well like I said, I'm not arguing how important the center caps are, but I mean, if you think about it, out of the four organizers I mentioned, 3 of them are self-tech based. NASA aside since IIRC they tech cars, that means that if an incident occurs on track, then you would be liable since you acknowledged via signature that the center caps were not an issue.

Stating that the center caps are not an issue because they don't mention it at a self-tech event is similar to saying that all other items on there are not really an issue, like the condition of the tires, the tightness of the lugs, the condition of the wheel bearings, brake pedal pressure, etc., because, really, at most drivers meetings I've been at, other than mentioning lug torque, they don't mention anything else. They assume that people have already checked their brake pads and tire tread and fuel lines prior to attending an event. There's another one that I don't hear anyone mentioning often: fuel lines.

Anyways, clearly, that isn't the case, and it is the responsibility of each and every person on a track to ensure a safe driving environment for all participants by having a proper tech inspection conducted prior to a track day, and comply with all safety requests. Now, whether people don't do this and simply sign away without checking anything is another point entirely, since I have seen item failures that occurred as a clear result of failing to conduct a tech inspection prior to signing off, but that's a whole different basket of apples entirely, but if center caps are separately itemized, at least organizers feel that they pose a significant safety concern, whether or not they are in actuality a hazard.

Anyways, OP, my bad for the threadjack, just wanted to point out a few things. Good talk Tech, if we wanna debate further I'm sure we can pick it up in the track section, and get some good input from other peeps as well.
Lol that shut him up.