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JEEZ... A LOT of constructive replies -- I'll respond to the ones I can relate to most..

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
There's a good reason to have a beater.
1) He mentions he has a dog. I've got a Labrador that sheds like crazy. He doesn't ride along that often, but when I do, I hate that he's in my mint interior. I have trained him to sit on the floorboard though
2) Right now, my E30 is out of commission while I work on it. If I drove my M3 downtown and had to leave it overnight, it'd be lying if I told you I wouldn't worry about my car.

Sure it's "only" a car, but it's a car that I plan on keeping for double digit years if I can. Nothing wrong with splitting the mileage with another car if you can afford it. Besides, when I think beater car, it doesn't necessarily mean it has be a beat up Honda Civic.
True on multiple accounts. And +1 on the floorboard training LOL. I didn't buy the car to bitch about gas mileage so that's the least of my worries. I also didn't buy it to worry about keeping it immaculate 100% of the time. I bought it to enjoy when I want, and I do not always enjoy taking it to the grocery store....

Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
I have no interest in beater cars so I would supercharge the M3. If you enjoy driving beater cars, sell your M3 and drive beater cars. My dog goes in the back. My tools go in the trunk. Snow tires go on in the winter. It gets parked outside. It is just a car, although a nice one. If I did not drive it, I would not want it.
My sentiment exactly, only with a slight variation. I have a coupe so I'd prefer not to chuck the dog in the back seat, it's just a little different. I've driven it in snow every year and don't mind the muck. Indeed it is just a car, but that's such a general comment. How a car should be treated is entirely subjective.

Originally Posted by muccels View Post
wants or need? practical or impractical? Well I don't drive my car everyday as many use it as a daily driver and to each their own. My M is a weekend car at best and not even that! If you only have the "M' I would say get a beater! Having at least 2 cars affords you some flexibility. Sure a SC would be fun we would all love to have one of those but whatís best for your needs?? I have a Tahoe which I throw my dog in all the time and don't care where I park or drive it! It sucks in gas mileage but itís also not my commuter! I will have my "M" for awhile so not putting a bunch of miles on it will definitely help on the resale of it one day. Always weigh the pros and cons of any decisions! I'm somewhat biased as I have a few cars too many plus a motorcycle! Plus having something like a Subaru that is 4wd and you can throw you dog into is priceless..
After reading this I realize that this is more along my lines of thinking, although I do not wish to preserve miles as much as I want to enjoy the car.

Originally Posted by m3an View Post
after reading through your "wants" and "needs" in a car, it seems like you should sell the M altogher and buy a Toyota or a Subaru!
Originally Posted by m3an View Post
+1 I will never understand walking to a beater in the morning while a beautiful M just sits there rotting away. Not driving a car is just as bad as beating that crap out of it all day. Cars are meant to be DRIVEN. I have friends who do this and I find it odd. At least I enjoy my car every single day!
I'm actually glad you are reading this thread as I'm sure it has given you more insight into why people do purchase a beater. I spend lots of time in the city. My commute is that where my car never fully warms up. I have friends who live in sketchy areas. I sometimes need to park my car somewhere overnight that isn't my driveway. I have a dog - a bulldog - and he drools.

Mind you -- NONE of these things has prevented me from using my M3 for the past 3 years, but I have come to a point in my life where I can shake things up and take on an additional car if it makes sense.

Originally Posted by Munit View Post
I don't understand people who don't want to daily drive their m3. I feel if that is the case, maybe you could not have really afforded it in the first place. Why would someone want to spend the majority of their day driving in a beater? I love my long commutes in my m3 and then also using it for fun. Miles are miles, big deal. If you are worried about gas mileage for a 20 mile commute than probably this was too much car for you.

Not sure I even get the question as it does not make much sense.
Really not worried about gas, just felt compelled to mention it. And who said majority of the day? Situational basis only. I can certainly afford it, I don't enjoy trolling message boards for the hell of it.

Originally Posted by adc View Post
+1. BMW makes a "wall to wall" rear seat cover which costs under $100. Supercharge that bad boy and live happily ever after with the dog in the car.
I've seen that thing. Have you? Well....maybe it would beat the multi-colored towels I am currently using.

Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
I have a lot of fun in my M3 in the winter. I would have a lot less fun in a beater. And whoever says a supercharged car is harder to drive in the winter obviously has never had one. Just don't put your foot down as far.

I'll agree that you may not be able to use all the power as often, but disagree that the car is uncontrollable simply because it has the potential to make more power than stock. I could drive a supercharged car all day long and never make boost if I wanted to bore myself. I have driven supercharged and turbo M3s without traction control in New Hampshire winters for years.

For those who prefer to drive beaters while they preserve their M3s for the next owners, go for it. Many of us like to buy nice used cars from people like you.
I like you, and I like your comments. I've been driving RWD in snow for as many years as I've been able to drive. The notion that you need 4WD in snow (a statement I hear frequently living in CT) never ceases to crack me up.

That being said I love driving my M3 in the snow. But I also had a Stage 2 Subaru before my M3 and I can say without blinking that it was twice as fun.

It's not really about preservation for you. It's not about you at all actually. It's about me, and the peace of mind that I feel by keeping my M3 devoid of the things I already mentioned. I do see where you're coming from though!

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Again, I don't think there's anything wrong with having a second car, especially if it's a wagon to split the mileage with the M3. You are of course assuming that I'm going to sell my car, which I don't plan to in a long long time. As I said, you can get yourself a really nice daily for under $7k no problem. I'm looking at wagons (Legacy GT, V70R, E34/E39) because it provides utility that my E92 just doesn't have.

Here are examples where I would take my "beater" over the M3:
1) I'm going to Austin for the F1 race in a couple of weekends. I'd much prefer to leave my beater at the airport for 5 nights than my M3. Have you seen how people park?

2) If I go to the grocery store, which is only a 5 min drive away. Car is not even warm yet by the time I get there. I'm pretty religious about bringing the car up to temp

3) Again, the dog. Especially if you have 2. Mine is a hyperactive lab that wants to jump up on the seats. And he sheds like crazy. Have fun trying to clean all the parcel shelf.

4) Not that this applies to the OP, but my M3 is out of warranty. I had to drive my E30 that was running like absolute crap (needs new cylinder head) while I replaced the throttle valve actuator. Between waiting for parts and figuring out how to DIY, my M3 was out for a good week. What would I have done if I didn't have a beater?

I can go on and on about why having a beater, especially a wagon or SUV is useful. I still plan to bring my M3 out 3 times a week, it's not like I'm bubble wrapping it for the weekend only. But I definitely wouldn't have a problem going to work in a 540iT either.
I think you illustrated the needs and justification perfectly, especially #'s 1,2 & 3.

Originally Posted by Krozi View Post
Wronggg lol. With a beater car you can go offroad and drive over curbs and do 60mph ebrake stands and go tray sliding and light fireworks off inside the car and run over cones and smash into things.
Typical Friday night for you, eh?! I only do those things in rental cars