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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
I thought you were out of here? Guess you're going back on your word just like Obama.

How about when Obama said he would cut the deficit in half? He doubled it.

What about the 5 million women who lost their jobs since Obama took office?

What about black unemployment skyrocketing to 15% when Obama said he would look out for them?

How about Obama's statement that this would be "a one term proposition if I cannot turn this economy around"? He hasn't turned it around at all. Its floundering yet he acts as if he never made that statement. He would have you believe that he hasn't been in office for the past 4 years.

How about the openness and transparency he promised? That sure went out the window. Most recently the Benghazi scandal.

I could go on an on about Obama's lies and his failures.

You are an ignoramus. You lost all credibility earlier in this forum. See where you thought Obama had experience and was a Governor prior to running for president. You know nothing and only think what the machine tells you to think.

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