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Originally Posted by mdefalco25 View Post
So I'm curious. Are you guys in MN planning to drive this in the snow? I'm in IL and getting ready to pick up an E92 and not real sure how it will do or if I want to risk it. Just looking for anybody that has made it through snow and if the tires helped? I'm coming from an AWD STi so winter was never an issue. Thanks!
I just got the M3 late last spring so I haven't had the experience of driving it in cold/snowy conditions. I had an 06 330i for 4 years before the M3. I ran the 330 on the stock 17's with all season tires in the winter. The rear wheel drive for the most part handled well, but occasionally on icy roads or in deep snow it was pretty difficult. I have never had dedicated winter tires, so I'm hoping/heard that they make a big difference. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Why did you go this route? If you have another vehicle and dont want to drive your M3 in the bad weather then drive your beater. My beater is a 2009 X5. lol I am running that shit into the ground. lol
No beater for me, Minnesota winters are usually just extremely cold with the occasional snow. I'm thinking the M3 will be able to handle the light snow pretty well. '09 X5 is a pretty nice beater though haha