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Originally Posted by Kriston View Post
This thread is great,

Since we know all SC manufacturers utilize third party parts. why are the costs of these kits so rediculously expensive. R&D is the only selling point as to why SC manufacturers are charging so much.

We are in an enterprising market, if i was a new comer like evolve, i would simply drop my price, work off smaller margins and build a client base as large as ESS. Especially since all of these kits are fairly similar if you compare them spec to spec. Its just a matter of preference / support and perceived reliability.

Roman - how can you continue to sell the fact that R & D attributes to the cost of your SC's. Im bringing this up in the most professional manner possible. ESS outright has sold the most SC's on the E9X platform, what happened to buying power? I would only assume costs / R & D have already been covered by your past laurels. Why not drop the price on the SC's and just grab the lion share of this market.

I cannot help but think, aftermarket Tuners are wondering what they can do for future models. with FI becoming more prevalent on new cars. What is ESS / VF / AA / Evolve planning to do? build SC's for lower displacement motors? or stick to tunes.

I think of these things, as long term longevity of any SC manufacturer will be put at risk with SC demands dropping due to factory built FI engines.

Posted with all due respect to any SC manufacturer and Fanbois!
Its a great question and one that a few of us have been discussing offline especially when you look at the cost of SC for E46. Why are E9X options so expensive?