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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Are you saying this is normal? Alcon advertises differential piston sizes and other measures to prevent taper wear, and what I am seeing seems pretty bad.

The pads for alcons are rather thin to start with, so on the rear I have almost 2/3 of the material left on one side and nothing on the other. If that's how it's supposed to be, it makes it a very expensive kit to run. I am hoping there is a way to improve that.
Not normal at all.Maybe the calipers need to be shimmed to eliminate this or the pads are binding in the caliper.Some investigation is in order for sure.Who did Shizzle buy the kit from?They would be the people to ask about this.My Stoptechs also have differential piston sizes and so far I have zero taper wear issues.It should not be any different with the Alcons.