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Originally Posted by 401FlaGATOR View Post
Don't appreicate the condescending tone my friend in your reference to Fox news, I watch all new including Morning Joe on MSNBC, and Fox on Benghazi should be commended. The other three ABC, CBS, NBC, are the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon with the coverup of Watergate. You should watch it some time instead of following the "group think".
well it was the first question you asked me
that was the first thing you needed to ask me

Originally Posted by 401FlaGATOR View Post
But I can commend you on your thinking with regard to Sharia, I too agree that the Bible is mostly some primitive thinking mixed in with some really true wisdom but nothing that should be taken literally. I think a good Muslim, a good Buddhist, a good Christian, whom respect each other and are men for each other will bring us all salvation if it truly does exist.
if there's one thing i've learnt, it's that a good person is a good person
irrespective of his relgion or ethnicity

one of the greatest things about my relgion, is that it encourages you to read the text and come to your own conclusion.

keep in mind, what is currently ruining my religion, is that there are a lot of ignorant, uneducated people, that are not well off
no hope, no chance of a job etc
these people are easily swayed.
and some bastards are using religion as a persuader
because it's a very power tool in that respect
that's also why i don't like mixing religion and politics
politicians are already corrupt, why do i equip them with another, very powerful tool?