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Originally Posted by Silverstone View Post
Some Fat Burning products like Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 work, But you really need to workout while taking them, they don't just make you burn fat just like that, Its like a booster.

I took both, I wouldn't say it will get you ripped like they say it will. The only side effects i felt from both was that it gets you edgy and your mood shifts fast. Sometimes you will feel like your having a bad day and you don't even know why. Happened to a couple of people at the gym as well, So i decided to stop taking it because it was getting in the way of my work.

I did Insanity and Insanity Asylum, right now im doing Asylum with P90X, These programs work for sure. But you really need to be strict about it and dedicated in order to get the results. Work always gets in the way of my meals, So my results would have been way better if i was able to follow everything right from A to Z. These fitness programs work like gold.
lol i took oxy elite pro and it had nearly the same side effects. i noticed i would get super pissed off really easily. But when i was workign otu i was soo happy and jolly!
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