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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Did you forget he was previously a US Senator, Govenor, Law Teacher, Harvard Law Graduate ? You call this no experience ?

What doesnt work ? Its what wasnt working in the first place. Reagan's time and Obama's time are two different eras. We are now in a technological advanced era from the Reagan era. The economy in the Reagan era was not sole dependant on technology as it is today

You are looking at one thing, economy, I am looking at all the above.
Obama was never a governor dumbass. He was only a senator for a few months before he began to campaign for president. And he was never a law "teacher". He was an adjunct "professor". A Far cry from experience. The rest of your argument is absolutely flawed. The economy can be turned around in four years given the right man is in charge. In the 80s the right man was Reagan. Today it is clearly NOT Obama as he has failed to improve the economy.

you don't even know the resume of Obama. How can you be taken seriously on more complex issues? Just stop typing. you've proven your ignorance.

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