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Have you completely forgotten that Obama had no experience when he was first elected? He is still typically the least experienced person in any room he walks into. You're in denial.
Did you forget he was previously a US Senator, Govenor, Law Teacher, Harvard Law Graduate ? You call this no experience ?

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By your logic, every president should get a second term because now they know what doesn't work. Reagan got it right his first term. When he took office, unemployment was much higher than when Obama took office and gas was being rationed. The economy was in shambles after Carter was done with it.
What doesnt work ? Its what wasnt working in the first place. Reagan's time and Obama's time are two different eras. We are now in a technological advanced era from the Reagan era. The economy in the Reagan era was not sole dependant on technology as it is today

You are looking at one thing, economy, I am looking at all the above.