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Originally Posted by kawasaki00 View Post
Actually using ethanol in the fuel is far worse for your system. The reason bmw started using the cleaner was to combat the ethanol in the fuel. Pure gasoline has superior cleaning power over ethanol, methanol alcohol etc. Problem with ethanol is when it evaporates it leaves a horrible sticky film on everything, it also dries out gaskets, seals etc. We have had to change all the orings in our fuel systems at work because the ethanol will make them swell up and dry out and start leaking.
Even the ethanol free gasoline has the detergent package as the others have. Just like oil.
That's why I use 100% pure gasoline, I think I've only put once Shell Gas with ethanol, just once.... I don't like ethanol gasoline, poor MPG, water in the tank, poor performance, etc... I put the BMW Cleaner, since it was recommended to me by the dealer, saying it helps keep the engine clean, so 100% Non-ethanol Gasoline plus a Cleaner it's what i do... I'll do more research to find out if I really need the cleaner. Thanks!