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I will get excited about this project once the ground has been broken for the construction.There are still a lot of doubts about this happening so I will wait and see what happens.

This was passed on to me this AM from somebody in the know.

Duncan: They have no real money even though they keep mentioning the UAE people. The fact remains; if they had this money they would just build the place and then go after different race series. Instead, they use NASCAR's name (knowing NASCAR won't deal with them without a track built) hoping to get GOVERNMENT money to build their track. They told everyone they didn't need taxpayers cash - yet right there in the OMB hearing material they stated that they needed this support, both from the City of Fort Eire and the Province. They 'hope' that Hudak won't turn them down as Dalton McLiar did several times. I can't see Hudak giving them money as this was the guy that didn't want thousands of auto workers in this Province getting bale out cash from the Liberials. One would hope Hudak turns them down as what part of 'private' enterprise don't they understand. Here's a concept; spend YOUR money on YOUR business and keep all of the profits! But you see, the $ support is vapour. The business plan was to get NASCAR to 'say' you could have a date - then go to the taxpayers for the loan backing. Meanwhile, a fully private group (CTMP) are doing it the old school way - THEMSELVES on their OWN. Let the taxpayers of UAE fully fund this I say.