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Strange pad wear

Just done a little track day to finish up the season, and heard scratching on the way home. Checked the pads, and oh my - pads were done. The sheer amount of pad wear was very unusual - one relatively non-aggressive day (it was near freezing) gave me what I normally would get in 3-4 hard track days. But the bigger issue was that pads were word "diagonally" (see pics).

I am using Pagid RS29 in Alcon Superkit, and the pictures are of pads from rear 4 piston set. But all 8 pads are worn in the same way - the ear dramatically increases in the direction opposite to wheel rotation (so the edge that "meets" the disk rotation is worn MUCH more. For example, on rears the leading edge of the pad is done to the metal and the trailing edge has over 50% of the starting pad material.

So what went wrong and what should I do about it? I inspected the calipers and could not find anything wrong with them - everything is clean, moves easily, no corrosion or leaks.

In stock calipers I had very even pad wear for both stock and track pads.

I also inspected the street pads that came with the set and were used for just few months and saw a similar pattern on the fronts (rears have no visible wear yet). So it looks like the kit was doing that with other set of pads as well, and since it was new.
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