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Originally Posted by jphughan
Originally Posted by Majdnoon
A beater doesn't HAVE to be a piece of junk either ya know. You can get a cushy, comfortable, luxurious "Beater" and have your badass M car as a toy on the weekends. This saves gas and is more practical for keeping the M in a good condition. My uncle has a gorgeous S class as his "beater" with an AMG CL as his toy.
I don't understand that combo at all. I doubt many people would have a 550i DD and an M5/M6 Coupe toy or an E90 335i DD and E92 M3 toy. You'd end up with two cars both in the same broad category, and especially in the 550i + M5/6 case and your uncle's, you have "fun cars" that are designed to be all-purpose cars. If you're going to have an fully luxury car like an S Class as a DD exclusively (or even an M5 if you were cruel enough to ONLY use it as a DD) and wanted something else for a toy, it would make more sense to have a car more focused on being a toy, like a Corvette, 911 TT, or in the Mercedes realm an SLS -- or hell even an M3. Any of those would be cheaper than or about the same $150-200K cost as a CL AMG (assuming new and depending on CL63 or CL65) and would give a far more fun weekend experience and far greater contrast with your uncle's S Class.
He's actually looking to replace the CL with a more "toy like" car. He's looking into stuff like a used SLS, used Gallardo, etc. But my point is your DD can be a great car, it doesn't have to be a crappy Prius or something of the sort. Sometimes your "Beater" can be more expensive than your toy! My other uncle has a 750 as his "beater," with a Camaro SS as a toy. Hell, even my plan is to get an F10 5 series as my DD, and use an E46 or E36 as a weekender and a track car.

My entire point though is that you can thoroughly enjoy the beater, and it can be the car that you wouldn't mind beating up while keeping your toy pristine for, say, a track or what have you. It doesn't HAVE to be crap. Not to mention, you've got the added security of having another car in case you get into an accident, or your car is stuck in the dealer for a couple weeks on maintenance.

OP, you should do what you think is right for YOU, though. If you don't mind beating up your M3, don't waste money on a beater. If you wanna keep it pristine (which is what it sounds like what with the dogs and everything) buy yourself something nice, roomy, comfortable as a beater. Something like a 3/5 Series Touring, Caddilac CTS Wagon, maybe an SUV like a Toureg or X5, anything you'd not mind living with everyday.