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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Its not typical if the intent of the question differs.

I wouldnt despise either party, holding the persident seat is no mere walk the talk like either of them are have done or is doing. Obama is more aware "NOW" of what he faces in the president seat and YES he is more prepare to handle the position than Romney. So no I would not blame Obama or Romney. If anyone is to be blamed it would be the people who voted.

Romney only has an "idea" of what it take to be president, but has no clue of the tasks and challenges that await him. Like all republicans, shoot first then ask questions later and this is something to worry about in this era expecially is your a president that is not respected world wide
Have you completely forgotten that Obama had no experience when he was first elected? He is still typically the least experienced person in any room he walks into. You're in denial.

By your logic, every president should get a second term because now they know what doesn't work. Reagan got it right his first term. When he took office, unemployment was much higher than when Obama took office and gas was being rationed. The economy was in shambles after Carter was done with it.