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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium
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Love the looks of the R8, but that V8 is outdated, and has mediocre performance. The only R8 that would tempt me is the V10 one. A supercharged M3 will beat the crap out of any stock V8 R8. But it sure looks awesome.
I had always heard that its under powered too, that's why I wanted to drive one. Have you driven one? It pulled so well it was tough to understand why people say its so under powered. Sure confused me However my reason for buying would be that its so damn sexy. It's nice having all of the extra power from the supercharger but I don't have the need to be the fastest car on the road, and I don't street race even if I'm antagonized. Its not worth the risk imo
Yeah, I agree with you - it's an amazing looking car. It's not slow by any means, but it just doesn't drive the way it looks. But I agree with you again, power isn't everything. Personally I'd take a 911 over the R8... the R8 will get you crazy attention, for better or for worse.
Haha you're right about the attention, good or bad. Its like people who want to be famous and then once they are famous they wish they werent because they cant escape the attention lol. At least if we dont want attention with a nice car we can leave it at homw in the driveway