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I think some of these comments are made in fear of the Audi replacing the m and becoming the preferred daily driver. E92 m3 started production in 08 an has not received massive change since. Until the new m3 releases for sale anyways. Te Audi rs5 is advanced in both visual and performance aspects an owning one of the latest sports cars from either Audi BMW or Porsche Is gratification in itself. Until te new wave of m3s hit the street go head and purchase this beauty. Be one of the few. When 2014 m3 is available make a fair comparison then and you will be faced with the same scenario again. This time in m3s favour. For those who do not track their m3 anyways. As I am one of them. It is fair to say that many of us do not demand m3 full potential as a daily driver so loosing alitle here and there in performance will go unnoticed, but te pleasure of driving a new rs5 calls for attention from both luxury and sport car enthusiasts.