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Originally Posted by Majdnoon
A beater doesn't HAVE to be a piece of junk either ya know. You can get a cushy, comfortable, luxurious "Beater" and have your badass M car as a toy on the weekends. This saves gas and is more practical for keeping the M in a good condition. My uncle has a gorgeous S class as his "beater" with an AMG CL as his toy.
I don't understand that combo at all. I doubt many people would have a 550i DD and an M5/M6 Coupe toy or an E90 335i DD and E92 M3 toy. You'd end up with two cars both in the same broad category, and especially in the 550i + M5/6 case and your uncle's, you have "fun cars" that are designed to be all-purpose cars. If you're going to have an fully luxury car like an S Class as a DD exclusively (or even an M5 if you were cruel enough to ONLY use it as a DD) and wanted something else for a toy, it would make more sense to have a car more focused on being a toy, like a Corvette, 911 TT, or in the Mercedes realm an SLS -- or hell even an M3. Any of those would be cheaper than or about the same $150-200K cost as a CL AMG (assuming new and depending on CL63 or CL65) and would give a far more fun weekend experience and far greater contrast with your uncle's S Class.
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