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Originally Posted by Koop View Post
Yup, I was one of those saps stuck on 130 for 45 minutes waiting to turn onto 812 for the Formula Run. Barely got there in time. I live about 20 minutes from the track and it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Traffic on race weekend is going to be a NIGHTMARE.

I'm amazed at how much they accomplished since I was there a couple of months ago. Still a long way to go, though. Had a great run around the track. Going to be a fun memory on race day.

I like the tower, looks like a cobra ready to strike.

Can't wait for the race. Been learning the track on F1 2012, it's super fun. Think the drivers are going to love it.

With Vettel needing only 15 points and Red Bull needing 5, there's a very real possibility that both Driver's and Constructor's Championships will be won at our inaugural race. Pretty sweet.
To drive in you'll have to get there about 5am.

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