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Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post
Really awesome pics, guys. Thank you for helping me confirm my choice! How do you all feel about the CF roof, against the LMB?
That's one of the reasons I specifically got a moonroof. I didn't like how CF looked with that color at all (MR, AW, SG absolutely, maybe even SSII, but not LMB), plus I actually like being able to open the moonroof. Moonroof open plus windows down gives me just the amount of the convertible experience in terms of sights, smells, sounds (especially the engine), and wind that I want without all the drawbacks of a real convertible: needing sunscreen, inability to have a conversation over 65 MPH, tons of extra weight, softer suspension, weird aesthetics with the top up, etc. I recommend the moonroof if you're ordering.

And I agree that if you get a black interior (which I also recommend since the contrast is superb, though I haven't seen LMB with bamboo in person), aluminum is definitely the way to go; carbon leather just makes it look like a cave in there, and anthracite wood has no place in an M3 IMHO. A silver interior might look good too though if you want to get away from the black interior you've had but aren't sure about bamboo, though I've read there may be some discoloration issues over time and with jeans; can't remember if that was specifically the M3's silver interior. But black is still far and away my favorite; looks sporty and sinister, and will hold up best over time visually.
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