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Chasing a Lime Rock Edition M3 Around LRP

Here's some video action of my last track day of 2012 at Lime Rock Park last week. It was good to get out one last time...the driving's not great (I wasn't wearing driving gloves for a start) but I was having fun. I had more lines through Big Bend than Robert Downey, Jr. In the second session, a new, orange "Lime Rock Edition" M3 appeared from the pits, so I got to follow that around. I was gratified to see that my 2008, 72K mile M3 could keep up on the straights, i.e. my engine is still pulling like new. I think it was part of a photo shoot for a magazine or something. The driver didn't select the ZPB (point by option) group on the ZCP package that comes with the car. I was was red-assing a little bit and missed a gear change...

The second film shows me behind a dickwad in a modded/tuned Corvette. It is worth watching to see his braking (breaking ) points for the corners. He started braking for Turn 1 at the Start/Finish line. You will also see Elivan Goulart come by in a modded M3. I am not sure what the mods were, but it did turn up on the back of a trailer. I caught the bugger 4 times in the session, but didn't have the juice to pass him heads-up on the straights and he wouldn't lift. My favorite was the point by/drag race early on. If you look at the first clip, he also features in that film too! At the end of the clip, you see me "lose" my brakes. This after riding on PFC-01 pads on their last day (6 days on stock calipers/Castrol SRF) - I lost a lot of brake torque and just straight lined braked to keep control in the run-off of the front straight. I went back to the paddock, and my rotors were still orange as I pulled up. Time for at least cooling ducts and maybe a front BBK. There was still 1/8 - 3/16ths of pad left. Anyway, I got a big warning sign and took it. Looking at all my video, I started to lose brake torque at about the same time (20 mms) in each session. I won't run my pads so low in future events for sure!


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