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Originally Posted by Krozi View Post
Beater. You can have so much fun with a beater hahaha
I have a lot of fun in my M3 in the winter. I would have a lot less fun in a beater. And whoever says a supercharged car is harder to drive in the winter obviously has never had one. Just don't put your foot down as far.

I'll agree that you may not be able to use all the power as often, but disagree that the car is uncontrollable simply because it has the potential to make more power than stock. I could drive a supercharged car all day long and never make boost if I wanted to bore myself. I have driven supercharged and turbo M3s without traction control in New Hampshire winters for years.

For those who prefer to drive beaters while they preserve their M3s for the next owners, go for it. Many of us like to buy nice used cars from people like you.