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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
+1 I will never understand walking to a beater in the morning while a beautiful M just sits there rotting away. Not driving a car is just as bad as beating that crap out of it all day. Cars are meant to be DRIVEN. I have friends who do this and I find it odd. At least I enjoy my car every single day!
What about the notion of driving the M3 when the weather is nice and driving the beater thru all the winter muck and grime? Even in the rain, the M3's performance is seriously compromised so why take it out and get all covered in dirt and grime when you can't fully enjoy it's capabilities. Also, when you do drive it, it feels that much more special.

With regards to the OP's question, I would not get a supercharger unless you have decided that this is your "ultimate car" that you want to keep for like 10 years. No matter what you drive, you tend to get used to the power level to a certain degree so the SC will only satisfy for a short time, after which you will still want more. Look at all the GTR drivers modding their cars for more and more power, as if 0-60 in 2.9 seconds isn't fast enough. Even if you do SC, that leaves you with a car that is even harder to drive in bad weather. My advice is to just save the money. Then you will have more left in a few years when you want to "step up" to the next level of car.
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