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Originally Posted by Top_Gear View Post
Some questions for you guys:

(1) Is there such a thing as "Holiday Pricing" for SC kits? Looking to score a good deal over the coming holidays and I am in on any "group buy" for anything offered that's worthwhile (I am 100% stock).

(2) Both the VF620 and newly announced ESS-VT625 use the Vortech SC, they are the least expensive, and appear to have similar cooling. Are they about the same in performance and reliability? The free install offered for the VF620 has me very interested but the VT625 has a wider installed base and no reported problems.

(3) For me the most important thing is throttle response and how quickly the power comes on from lower RPMs and up. I have not been able to figure out which kit has the edge in this regard.

It seems very hard to get a true comparison of these kits as there is too much bias in these forums.

Just waiting for a good holiday deal ...
im with you on this bud....

The technical geniuses and current sc owners are so busy arguing about data etc that they have forgotten some of us more simple folk that just need some straight forward advice. Which sc will provide us with best throttle response and increase in power at the lower rev range in the most consistent and safest way.....whoever can answer this question will get my vote and very possibly my money!

I drove a e92 with the VT650 kit a few days ago and must say i was very impressed with how it felt in lower gears and lower rev range. The one problem that seems to be consistent is traction... Too much gas in lower gears and it just spins the tyres.....