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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Do you have to hit a button to save the data/event?
In parking mode, can you swing it around to view what's going on around the side and back of the car and will it save the recording if it senses contact?

What's the warranty? Read some reviews on Amazon and they refused warranty on someone because it wasn't a US version.

Very interested. Thanks.

Sure thing, the parking mode works like this. When you park the car, the camera will keep recording. If it detects a collision (accelerometer) it will save the footage from 30 seconds before the collision and continue to save the footage.

We handle all of the returns and warranty. These have a one year manufacturer warranty attached to them.

Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
Who is actually selling the camera? Where will it ship from? Is this the US version?

Hi there! This is for the US version. It will ship from our location in No Cal, after arriving from the manufacturer in Korea.

Any other questions we can answer for you?