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Originally Posted by Munit
I don't understand people who don't want to daily drive their m3. I feel if that is the case, maybe you could not have really afforded it in the first place. Why would someone want to spend the majority of their day driving in a beater? I love my long commutes in my m3 and then also using it for fun. Miles are miles, big deal. If you are worried about gas mileage for a 20 mile commute than probably this was too much car for you.

Not sure I even get the question as it does not make much sense.
A beater doesn't HAVE to be a piece of junk either ya know. You can get a cushy, comfortable, luxurious "Beater" and have your badass M car as a toy on the weekends. This saves gas and is more practical for keeping the M in a good condition.
My uncle has a gorgeous S class as his "beater" with an AMG CL as his toy. My dad has a Passat which he loves, and takes out his Jag on the weekends. A beater can be something nice too, and not a crap econobox that you feel forced to live with until the weekend rolls around.