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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
This is simply not true. Only this morning, on another forum I frequent, a UK based one, people are reporting that whilst previously they were well down the list and expecting deliveries late 2008, they are receiving calls asking if they want to take delivery in December this year. The dealers are saying that when it comes to firming up the deposits people are dropping like flies. Apparently two reasons. It's seen as too expensive and has entered 1 year old 911 territory. And second reason, people know the DCT is on it's way next year, so they are holding back for that.

Have you read this in Autocar by any chance, or on another forum. Because this rumour is coming from the same source, which is Autocar, and they talk utter bollocks.
I have to tend to agree with Mofomat on this. While there is no doubt the new "M" is a very hot car, it would not surprise me if people are beginning to drop out as well.

Simply put, the market is not what it was in the past. Money is a little tighter now, cars are more competitive and as mentioned many times on this board the new "M" is truly getting into a higher cost bracket and people are going to have to start putting their money where their mouth is now that the cars will be arriving soon......

Still, I think BMW will not have a problem hitting their sales targets- at least initially. With the financial/credit crisis worsening though and the potential impact on the global economy (it's not good when the Central European bank has to inject money into our markets as they recently did)then who knows in 2-3 years from now how the new M3 will fair....

That and the fact that everyone seems to be pushing hybrids..... Can you just imagine a "Hybrid M3"!?!?

Oh, the horror!