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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
Yep, especially in certain corners that tend to induce understeer (like Oak Tree at VIR). I run the rears at 40 hot as well. With the damper settings the way they are now I would describe the handling as almost neutral- a hint of understeer.
This might sound dumb, but I would suggest you lower your corner entry speed a touch. If you're going too fast regardless of how much negative camber you run, you're going to scrub the front tires. -2.5 negative is what I currently have and it's the most I've ever run, the only time when the front doesn't grip it's because I've over-cooked the corner. The other indication that you might be driving your front tires a bit too hard is how much pressure increase you are getting. I usually get about 6 degrees F increase, it you're getting around 10 F then you might be pushing a bit too hard.

Just some ideas, but worth considering.