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Originally Posted by drft92 View Post
1) 35k was me attenpting to make sarcastic joke. 2) Your not comparing apples to apples when the base price is a diffrence of 20k. 3) You shouldn't compare the 2 cars, if I want a 911 then I should not be considering an M3 and viceversa.
I know you were being sarcastic, as was I.

I am comparing apples to apples. The comparison is between two peformance cars similarly optioned (and, on paper similarly performing); as best we can.

As far as what one should consider, I disagree entirely. If the 997 had a better residual, I wouldn't consider the M3. (Please re-read my previous post) I can afford the 997S or another turbo, but I struggle between what logic and emotion tell me; lol. So, if the E92's residuals are anyway in line with the E46, I'd prefer to take much less of a bath with the E92; albiet (imo) I won't have my prefered car, but that's a choice I am willing to make. There could be worse things in life.