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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
Think I just decided what to get myself for Christmas. Of course my supercharger will need one of those custom IND paint jobs.
Im sure they can help you out with that

Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Are these kits still underrated or are you now listing the accurate gains? 535 to 550 and 575 to 585. Etc etc.
We have increased the power slightly in all of the kits that now have higher ratings. We always try to be very accurate with our ratings and run slightly underrated if we can.

Originally Posted by OMMMG View Post
Can I get pm'd on the prices for 3 different vt2 kits(550/585/650) plz, this will help me decide if I should sc my m3 or get gtr or r8
You should PM our vendors who are sponsors here, im sure they can help you out

Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
Nice updates. VT2-585 has a nice ring to it..
I agree