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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
And just when we thought the little stupid pesky Rotrex could do no more....
Smaller pulley. The boost curve remains the same shape but just goes up everywhere.

7.75 PSi

More Notes:

Yes we are showing flywheel figures. Just look at the delta. Purposefully didn't put up wheel figures because everyone forgets that Dyno Dynamics read a good 13-15% lower than Dynojet.

Correction Factor - 0.997

............. and it has more to come. Just change the pulley again. It gets even more angry.

Can it match a Vortech?



1134 CFM vs 1150CFM. Just got the make sure you use the right pulleys to put that CFM at the engine RPM you want.

Anyone want to see Vortech vs Rotrex on an E39 M5 in the exact same car under almost exact same conditions?

I have loads of data...

According to your math Sal on the correction difference between your Dyno Dynamics and a Dynojet your customers will see about 600 whp on a Dynojet with your kit as the whp numbers you have posted for your kit on your dyno are around 520. You just posted that a Dynojet will add another 15% to that number. I look forward to these customer independent 600 whp dyno's on Dynojets as that would be very impressive IMO for the Rotrex with only 7.75 psi. According to the dyno below done of the Rotrex C38 by Active you would need 10 psi and water meth to get to around 550 whp on a similar air/air supercharger system. There must be something you are doing that is very different than Active is or your using different math, please keep us posted.

Independent dyno files "one direct from Active" below not a vendor made dyno comparison. Same correction factor used on both, ambient temps 10 degrees lower on the vortech dyno. This is the only independent data that exists until more files are made available.

Blue Vortech V3 @ 8.5 psi Red Rotrex C38 @ 10 psi with water / meth.