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Originally Posted by mdefalco25 View Post
So I'm curious. Are you guys in MN planning to drive this in the snow? I'm in IL and getting ready to pick up an E92 and not real sure how it will do or if I want to risk it. Just looking for anybody that has made it through snow and if the tires helped? I'm coming from an AWD STi so winter was never an issue. Thanks!
I'm just getting an M3 for the first time in a couple weeks, so I've never driven one the in snow. I've got an A4 Quattro now which has been great the past five winters. I expect the change to rear-wheel drive with snow tires will be a different experience, but from what I've read lots of people do it without issues.

I'm still trying to figure out which snow tire and wheel combination will work best for MN winters, which see some snow, but more often dry and very cold conditions - and wet slush later in the season. Too many choices...!