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True and I completley agree with you but I had my share with muscle cars had 2 Camaros and a Corvette. I don't know why but I'm not into 2 seater anymore may be because I had the Vette at young age! I test drove 911S 2 weeks ago but for 112K No way!!!!!!!!.. I'm sold on the way the RS-5 looks however it will mean nothing if it doesn't drive as good as it looks...
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If you're keeping the M3, IMHO you'd have more fun going for something that offered more of a difference in driving experience: Cayman or 911 of some sort, Corvette or muscle car, or even a Subaru BRZ. Drove the BRZ recently and honestly in some ways liked it more than my M3; it's way down on power (though that should be fixed with FI soon enough), but it felt so perfect in the turns that I just didn't care -- plus weighing A THOUSAND POUNDS LESS than the M3 helps. Could be turned into a very capable track car relatively cheaply, probably with a total cost less than a new RS5.

Anyway, better to have two different experiences in two different cars than two similar cars. That's my 0.02.