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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
Not only that, but ~100% of the matter inside the body of the baby is supplied by the mother.

Personally I see it as a resource issue.

How can a 3rd party demand that a mother use her most personal resources (proteins/atp/etc) to build a child, for the 3rd party (as it's the 3rd party that wants it built) ... when the 3rd party will never have to raise that child or contribute to it in any way.

I might as well demand that my neighbor builds a separate garage ... because I feel like they should really have a separate garage ... even though I'll never use it, pay for it, or set foot in it.


That logic could be extrapolated to other areas such as welfare. Why should I be forced to deplete my resources by a third party (liberals) for something that I will never utilize?

The reason that conservatives believe abortion is wrong has nothing to do with freedom of choice and everything to do with the constitution. The constitution guarantees us the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Conservatives believe that a 6month old unborn child who could be born and breath on their own is in fact a human. As a human it has the right to life.

Just as I do not have the CHOICE to go murder someone because I would be depriving them of life, the argument goes that by killing the baby you are depriving it of life.

Liberals do not believe the baby is a human being. That is how they justify abortion.

Conservatives believe it is a human and is thus protected by the constitution. Abortion is denying unborn American's their right to life. Conservative do not see it as a choice issue any more than killing any other person is a choice.

Suppose for the sake of argument that the unborn child is actually a human. If this is the case, what a massive tragedy abortion has been.

I feel that when it comes to innocent life or the possibility of innocent life, all precautions should be taken. There is a very real chance that the baby is a human. Why not protect that human at the risk of eliminating a choice rather than protect the choice at the risk of killing countless unborn Americans?

I do find it ironic that liberals are all for promoting abortion but by in large go frantic at the idea of the death penalty. Lets see....kill an unborn child...ok! Kill a serial rapist....thats terrible!

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