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Wow. Thanks so much, everybody, for your feedback. I find that this color truly excites me, when I think about ordering it. Since most of my previous cars were either black or white, I am going to go for something different this time. I believe I've yet to read of anyone here on m3post that just flat doesn't like the color, even if they maybe prefer something else. Friends and family all say go for it, so that's settled, then! Now I feel like I could almost flip a coin between interiors--between the black and the beige. I KNOW I don't have the cojones to go Superman!

I saw beige in person a couple months ago, on my test drive, and it's really classy-looking. But then I just think that black looks amazing with blue--wheels, interior, grills, everything. So that's where I'm at, now. My current vehicle is black/black. So again, a bit of a change may be in order. Anyway, thanks again, guys (and girls--I know you're out there)!