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Spark plug puller...

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Hey TxStig, want to sell that tool (or make another one for me?)
I appreciate all the people whom asked about buying one. Please consider this my reply to all. I had a couple of private inquiries also. What is the forums policy on selling things? I would think I would have to be a vendor of some sort to be able to sell these parts to you guys and not piss somebody off?

To make them for a reasonable price say $25 I would probably need a minimum of 30 orders? Honestly though I have no idea. I will get a quote and see what kind of price I can make them for and go from there...

The one off piece probably cost $150-$300 when you factor in engineering time, materials, machining labor etc. I was bored so I made one and its still cheaper than having the dealership change my plugs. I think it may fit on the M5 and M6 coil packs also.

I'm not against sharing the drawing with everybody and letting them make their own. I am also not against using it as a "loaner" where when people need it I send it to them they use it and the return it. But i have a feeling one day it might never return...

I have sent out drawings for a qoute from a cnc machining company I knwo lets see what they come back with. I would also like to try it out on my car first to make sure it works as planned...maybe make a few small ergonomic adjustments. I will keep everyone updated.