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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I agree with many of the posts favoring the M3. But, if you are comparing apples to apples, be sure to add at least 20 more horsepower and DI to the 997. (Oh, and don't forget to add at least 10-15 lb.ft of torque-310; which will give it more than the M and will still weigh about 250-300 lbs less.) Personally, the base 911 isn't even a consideration against the M3, but a 375-380 horse, direct injected, face-lifted 911S is.

I know, I'm being redundant, but the M won't likely be walking away from the MY2008 911S. On a BMW forum, the price of Porsche's admission may not be worth it, but there is an intangible with the 911, that makes driving involvement very entertaining. $20k more, is a personal preference.

Even if the car's yeild close to identical performance, the feedback from a 911 may be worth the price of admission. I certainly believe that it is, but Porsche's biggest downfall is the residuals (like someone posted). In the states, they fall quickly in the first few years.

If the M is priced too high and suffers a similar fate, BMW will lose some customers for that reason alone.

For me, if price were no object and residuals were meaningless, I'd buy the 911S all day long.
If you already own a 997 tt which does have dgi, then why would you even consider a 08 c2s ?? Thats kind of silly. Personally I love Porsche's, perticularly the 911 (993 & 997). That intangible you speak of is in the driving and racing legacy which Porsche has established over the years, the same could be said about BMW in particular the M division. In regard to risiduals a c2s would have a better risidual then an M only because it is not a specialty vehicle like an M or a GT3 for example. Finally if I'm not concerned about price and residuals why buy a c2s when I can get a TT, GT3 or soon even a GT2. Plus some of this thread stems back to you posting that if the M was over a 60k base you would not purchase it, so an 84k base on the c2s is any better. Apples to apples buddy you crack me up. Like Ive said before I love cars in general, so I have no bias on vehicle makes. Seems to me like you wanna hate the M a little, so do your thing. But when you get that new 08 911s come see me and we'll race for a G.<---gonna have to youtube that sh*t