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Well on Saturday I got the windows tinted at my favorite place. Did 35 all the way around. I like it.

Cleaned her up and went for a drive to take some photos.

Here you go.
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I am coming from a 12 Shelby GT500. Wow what a different car. I you might have guessed I am now driving a race car instead of a dragster. The GT was crazy fast and very responsive. You had to be very careful driving the car. If you weren't pointed straight and decided to get on it, watch out because the rear was coming right around to kiss you.

I have not really gotten on this car yet. I am a firm believer in proper break in. I however can already tell the balance and the ability to really take some high speed corners.

Still haven't got the stupid garage opener to work but everything else is sweet.

Next on the list are some cosmetic bits. A buddy of mine owns a BMW shop so we are going to do; painted reflectors, CF side gills, CF front splitters (the small ones for the inlet), new angel eyes and the drivers key hole cap. that is it for now.