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Originally Posted by Abear View Post
Man, I was so happy and so sad at the same time last night. Although, I was impressed with Lori's performance right before she had the baby. If she had been acting that good the entire show..maybe I wouldnt have disliked her so much. Oh well, shes gone now.

T-Dogg...what to say about our silent hero. He was always there when they needed him, sucks to see him go, but glad to see they put him in such a heroic ending, hopefully it wasnt all for nothing and Carol died anyway. Well...I guess he would have turned anyway, but still. Did anyone watch Talking Dead after the second showing of the episode. IronE Singleton(T-Dogg) was on with one of the producers...looked like he wanted to cry, it was impressive to see. It looks like the entire cast and crew are very close, which makes for better TV.

Its going to be very interesting to see what direction they take the show now. From the preview it seems we can safetly say Rick goes crazy next episode and is gonna go Zombie hunting. Andrew Lincoln is very good actor and I hope they let him show the dark side of Rick from the comics. It appears they will, especially when they showed him grabbed Glenn and shovin him up against the wall. In the comic he starts going crazy and talking on the phone with Lori..its deep, Id love to see something like that. Not only does it show how far gone Rick is, but Carl sees it and makes sure to take care of his dad. Of course all this takes place after they leave the prison, so like I said before, its going to be interesting to see which way they go with the show.
Hated to see T-Dog go. It's funny because duringthe Season 3 previews, the actual actor was saying how you'll see way more of T-Dog. Ends up getting owned half way through the season haha. So much for that.

Will definitely be interesting to see what happens next. There's only like 6 of them left in the group, and one of them only has 1 leg
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