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Originally Posted by gary88 View Post
Did anyone realistically think he could balance $10 trillion of debt, end two wars, and bring unemployment to 4% in just four years?

It's like blaming him for not cleaning the mess up fast enough and voting back in the party that helped cause it.
He SPENT trillions himself! regardless of any previous spending. And since when did ending a war cost MORE than engaging in war? in 4 years Obama matched the spending of 8 years of Bush.

Bring unemployment down? He cant even stop it from increasing! and if you took the total labor force that existed when bush was in office unemployment would be over 12%! So many people have given up looking for work that the unemployment is deceptively low and its still HIGHER than when he took office.

And he PROMISED that he would cut the deficit in half. He doubled it. So now you don't hold him accountable to his own promises and blame bush? You are blind.

And what about the unemployment numbers? what about the 5 million women who NO LONGER HAVE JOBS??

what about 15% black unemployment? Is that Bush's fault too?

Blame anyone but Obama. Typical Blind liberal. Don't you dare try to see the other side or think. Don't even try to admit to yourself that the economy is in the toilet and it didn't need to be this way.

Voting back in the party that caused it? BS. Reagan was a conservative. I don't think anyone would have a problem with the economy returning to the reagan era.

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