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[quote=dibxna;12944132]hey all -

I did some looking with the search feature and found a fair amount of info about what the warranty covers and how much it costs but didnt find specifically what I was looking for.

Basically i bought my car in 2010 as a CPO model with only a couple thousand miles on it. I have CPO warranty until 5/2015 and my question is once I am outside of the factory warranty and into the CPO warranty do I just simply still show up to the BMW dealership and expect to receive a loaner car? is the only difference that I have to pay the $50 deductible?

also - I assume that the standard CPO warranty will no longer cover the replacement of general maintenance items such as brake pads, oil change, etc - would this be correct? (sorry, this info is 100% available in the search area but figured i would add it in as well...)[/QUOTE]

warranty and maintenance are 2 totally diff things. read up on it; any specifics questions why not ask the dealer and your SA who will be the one servicing the car.