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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
In the time of Reagan most women were house wives and just breaking away from traditional practices, dont forget wars strengthen employment as well.

Reagans times was compeltely different from our era
Wars only strengthen employment when there is a draft. Since WWII and Vietnam (last draft wars) this paradigm is no longer valid. The War on Terror has been fought with an all volunteer force and has largely unaffected the aggregate work force in the US. There have been increases in certain sectors as a result of the war (contractors as an example), but nothing as seen on the scale of WWII where the US was at virtually full employment—all going to the war effort.

According to the DoL:
1981 to 1989 (Reagan years) the percentage of women to men in the workforce: 48.0% to 54.3%. A total rise of 6.3% in eight years.
At the end of 2009 the percentage of women to men in the workforce: 54.4%.
So, to conclude, in the aggregate we have only seen a rise of .1% since Reagan left office 24 years ago. I may be wrong (these are not my stats), but I don’t think I misread the data charts.